Shastamkotta Lake

The mesmerizing beauty of the Shastamkotta, Kerala’s largest freshwater lake located on the banks of Kollam district is truly enchanting. The lake is named after the anicient Shasta temple is shastamkotta lake provides the drinking water supplies for more than half a million people in Kollam district. It is also a source of fresh water fishing and can aptly called the’ Queen of Lakes’. Water supply to the Kollam town is met by purifying the water from this lake. It is a beauty spot, a health resort and a centre of pilgrimage. A large part of the lake has been reclaimed for agriculture. The source of water is from the underground sprouts. The Shastamkotta Lake has a capacity to hold 22390 million litres of water and serves as the source of drinking water for half a million people of Kollam district.

The ancient Sastha Temple, which lends its name to the town, is an important pilgrim centre. This temple dedicated to both Lord Ganesha and Lord Ayyappa is surrounded by hills and forests, and the monkeys inhabiting the premises are considered holy.

How to Reach

It is located about 29 km from Kollam Town.

Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is about 71 km from Kollam.

Kollam Railway Station is about 29 km away.

Shopping Areas

  • cool plaza
  • kada bazar
  • H&J Complex
  • K-mall
  • KC Center
  • Sky Jewellery
  • kavanadu market
  • pallimukku market
  • Polayathodu market
  • kadappakada market

Main Hotel's

  • Sudarsan Hotel
  • Beach Orchid Hotel
  • Xavier's Residency
  • Sea Bee Hotel
  • Sarovaram Backwater Resort & Ayurvedic Spa